It’s Time to Rise & Shine!

It’s Time to Rise & Shine!

Posted on May 5, 2017 by

Beachbody | Team Phoenix | Meghan Eggleston

Imagine if you no longer had to dread the sound of your alarm and stumble angrily into the kitchen to make yourself a coffee. What if mornings didn’t have to be such a struggle?

Why NOT you??

If you’re ready to develop the habits and routine that set you up for success with your fitness, health, life balance, productivity & overall peace & joy, I’m here to help!

I’m looking for a few people who are ready to take action on their goals. I am running a 30- Day LIFE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE GROUP starting Monday, May 15th.

You’ll learn make the most of your mornings by helping you boost your productivity and crush your fitness goals at the same time!

All the guesswork is taken out! EVERYTHING you’ll need to be successful will be at your fingertips PLUS the support, encouragement, coaching and accountability you need to ACTUALLY follow through!

You’ll receive:
☑ Workout program
☑ Detailed workout schedule
☑ Color-coded portion control system
☑ Nutrition guide and recipes
☑ 30-day supply of meal replacement/protein/vitamin superfood shake, Shakeology
☑ 30-day free trial of personalized meal planning
☑ Free coaching by ME 🙂
☑ My exclusive 45-page meal planner (shown above!)
☑ Accountability & Support group
☑ Free lifetime membership into
☑ Free extra bonus workout

I’ll provide you with sample meal plans BUT you will have flexibility and freedom to choose your meals using the nutrition guide and recipes that come with the program. You’ll replace one meal with the super-food nutrition shake, Shakeology. I’ll provide daily coaching, motivation and support and of course, there’s a PRIZE drawing at the end for those who participate.


Check out these transformations!


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