A Sneak Peek Into Coaching

A Sneak Peek Into Coaching

Curious what in the world a Team Beachbody Coach does? Perhaps you have misconceptions about what we do and what we are all about. Now worries, I had the same ones!

So I’m opening up a sneak peek email series that gives a glimpse into what we ACTUALLY do, who we are and how we do it!

How can we possibly make an income while working out, having fun, meeting our own fitness goals AND helping others reach theirs? Sounds a little too good to be true, huh?

I’ll answer common questions such as:

  1. Who is Team Beachbody?
  2. Who is Team Phoenix?
  3. What we do and how?
  4. How do we get paid?
  5. How am I trained to be a coach?
  6. What is the cost?
  7. What if I don’t know a lot of people?
  8. What if I am nowhere close to my goal fitness level?

With the email below, I’ll send you five emails (one a day). You will learn each day a little bit more about us.

No obligation and no pressure to join our team as a coach. It’s really gotta be the right fit! This sneak peek is simply to inform you and answer any questions about coaching.

I said NO to coaching for a full year before I gave it a chance and I was still skeptical. Praise God I changed my mind. It’s blessed me in so many ways I can’t even express. It’s changed my life. My job as your coach and mentor is to show you how it can change your life.


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