Week 2 | Ultimate Reset Recap!

Week 2 | Ultimate Reset Recap!

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset | 21 Day Cleanse | Meghan Eggleston


Beachbody Ultimate Reset | Meghan Eggleston


I just finished Week 2 of the Beachbody Ultimate Reset Cleanse, an intense 21 day program to reset your system. I’ve just been sharing along the way how it is going, so if you missed my week 1 recap, you can read that one right here

I like to share what I am experiencing,  so that those of you who are interested in doing this in the future know what to expect. So Phase 2 is the Release phase. The first week was a Reclaim phase.  You can kind of imagine what that feels like and what it is. (The last phase is the Restore phase, and I’ll recap that one next week.) 

So here’s how I’m feeling now. I have a LOT of energy. That is the most noticeable thing. The first two days I really struggled. Then I had this energy burst but right in the middle of the release week,  I felt really sluggish and tired and bloated and like things aren’t releasing very well. So I started to think,  “Wait a minute,  I thought things were feeling better.”  But I have finished out week 2 feeling strong. My weight is down. It actually had gone up 2 lbs over the last weekend but that was because I knew I hadn’t finalized whatever detox was going on.

So in week 2,  we added an additional supplement and that is called the detox supplement. Basically,  three times a day, 30 minutes before my meals,  I was taking this packet of chia, flax, and milk thistle.  I am basically drinking the fiber that flushes out all the toxins. The ingredients have other benefits but this is specifically to help cleanse the liver.

Let me tell you, this is a full-on detox. It is not just,”ooh,  I am going to eliminate some sugar and grains for a short time.”  This is not from just the food that I’m eating. These supplements have specific work to do.

So I had these great meals last week and I’ve removed all animal proteins as of week 2. No animal proteins at all, now.  It is entirely plant-based.  No gluten, either. There are some grains,  just no gluten. This week is very thorough. We added the supplement and we continue to use Optimize. Those are  the digestive enzymes, so  it’s used the entire time. We’ve introduced Revitalize which is a Beachbody proprietary blend of probiotics and prebiotics.

One of the supplements in this detox is called Soothe and  is taken right before your last meal. Soothe has aloe and turmeric in it, so it is definitely a really valuable supplement. Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory. Aloe is soothing and it actually helps you absorb more nutrition into your body.

So, I mentioned that I have a lot of energy. Also, I am regular. Sorry,  just gotta be real! And, I am down a pound and a half.

I am doing this with several other girls on the team. They’re experiencing a lot of the same things at the same times of day. It’s a lot of fun. I would say in the last week,  I have also had a lot of emotional detoxing. Not everyone has had that experience but everyone is losing weight. Some people have lost 7 or 8 pounds in these two weeks and their pants don’t fit. They’re posting pictures in the group of their pants literally falling down. 

I am eating more food. That’s the crazy thing. These meals…one of the lunches,  I had to make in a mixing bowl. It was a  salad recipe. Yes, a salad. It was so big I couldn’t even make this in a regular bowl, I had to put it in a mixing bowl. I couldn’t finish my lunch. My dinner I had to pass off to my husband. The recipes are delicious but I’m just not hungry. I think that I am so fed on a nutritional level and a nourishment level that I’m just  satisfied.

Keep this in mind. When you’re detoxing and healing your gut in this way,  your body is better able to absorb the nutrients. You could be eating healthy but there is still a lot of toxin buildup and your gut is not healthy enough to absorb properly. Even if you’re eating quality food, if your gut is not absorbing it well, you’re not going to feel as well as you should. You’re not going to receive the benefits of all that you’re eating when you have this built up in your body all the time. So I  believe that I am really just getting so much nourishment from what I am eating that I am more quickly satisfied. I am pushing away my plate, which is  so not me. I like to eat!

My husband brought home cookies yesterday. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t love to have some of them. They’re amazing cookies from an actual bakery, not the store. I love them, but I wasn’t dying or craving it and for me, that’s major progress.

And don’t forget, we’re not exercising during this detox! We can do gentle yoga but nothing strenuous.


I started this detox because I was starting to feel sluggish.

I’m a morning person, I’m an energetic girl that was having a hard time getting out of bed. I was doing it but it felt like so much effort.  It was really hard and that wasn’t normal for me. I was actually eating healthy and exercising but I still felt like something wasn’t right. The way that I live,  I shouldn’t be feeling this way.

But the other reason I went to this level and to this kind of detox is because of my understanding of the gene mutation.  I have the MTHFR gene mutation which hinders my ability to detox on my own,  so I have to be much more intentional than most people with my body and helping my liver function well. So, doing something as thorough as this helps set me up for success moving forward.

I’m so thrilled with where I am at. I’m looking forward to finishing because I like my freedom to cook my own meals and not have to stick to a meal plan that someone else made or take the supplements at a certain time. But honestly, it’s not unpleasant. I am just ready to do my own thing again, and I will soon!

I want to leave you today with these two detoxing tips that I shared in an FB Live, where I answered your questions about my awesome steam pod!



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