Joy in the Journey: Conquering Self-Doubt

Joy in the Journey: Conquering Self-Doubt

You Create Your Own Opportunities.

I can’t really tell you exactly where my self-doubt came from. I have a few ideas. Maybe you know where yours originated. But the encouraging reality is that it doesn’t really matter and we all have the ability to overcome–no matter how deep-seated our issues lie. I’d like to tell you I had a cure for self-doubt.

I don’t.

But I do know it’s normal and we all experience it.

It can be paralyzing for many. When we experience self-doubt, we don’t do what we need to. We are scared to try new activities and lose the motivation to perform. If you continually question whether you are up for the task, chances are that you’ll stall and give up. Maybe you even bounce around to different opportunities and activities instead of ever actually seeing things through. This only adds to our doubt because we don’t see a result or an end-product that we can be proud of or claim as validation of ourselves.

It doesn’t go away on its own. But we must first accept that we have a choice in the process toward self-confidence. Confidence doesn’t just happen. It takes time and energy to cultivate. Here are seven strategies to conquer the self-doubt that may be holding you back from the things you desire most.


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