(Meal) Prep for Success

(Meal) Prep for Success

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Meal Prep Tips

Meal Prep | Meghan Eggleston


Meal Prep: Don’t Knock It!

I know what some of you might be thinking is like “Well,  that’s boring, I don’t want to eat the same things every day. I don’t want to have the same thing for dinner. I don’t want to have, you know, quinoa every night or whatever.”


Yes, I’m with you. (And yes, that is totally quinoa in that photo up there. 🙂 ) BUT– meal prep is key to success! When you’re trying to eat clean, it pays to be prepared. It really sucks to be hungry, look in the fridge and feel like there’s nothing you can feel good about eating. That is a recipe for failure! 

Meal prep is great for getting dinner ready after a long day at work. When you come home,  there’s already veggies there and some quinoa. You can do a little stir fry. If you have a lean protein,  you can throw it in there. 

So, check out these meal prep tips that will keep you on track to your goals, and won’t leave you dying of boredom come mealtime.

Tip #1: Make a huge batch of a grain.

I make a HUGE batch of quinoa and leave it mostly  unseasoned; I just use a little garlic grape seed oil from Wild Tree (I love this).  I love this oil so much. Another good choice for big batches is brown rice. 

Tip #2: Prep all your veggies.

Wash and cut a whole mess of vegetables. Cut them into big pieces, so that later in the week, you can prepare it however you like– chopped for a salad, cut into strips for sautéing, big chunks for roasting. I also do baked potatoes too because there’s a few ways to use a baked potato. Stuffed sweet potato? DELICIOUS.

Tip #3: Play around with flavor.

If you change up the cuisine, you definitely will not get bored with meal prep! When I’m feeling like Mexican, I throw on some salsa and avocado, and basically make a burrito bowl. Feeling like Chinese? Stir-fry those veggies with sesame oil and tamari!  Eggs are a great go-to protein and a super fast meal. Just make an omelette with those veggies you prepped.  You can do curry, you can do Italian, whatever you crave! It’s all about the spices and sauces. I made this really delicious roasted onion sauce with my Mexican flavors. SO GOOD.

So don’t think that you have to be like,  “Oh my gosh, meal prep sounds lame and boring. I don’t want it to be like that.” You can really get creative.  When I prep the ingredients, I keep the seasoning really simple– salt and pepper. This way, I  can add in different spices and make it more seem like an original meal and not like I’m eating the same thing EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.

I will say that if  you don’t mind leftovers, that’s great!  Fortunately,  I’m very blessed. My husband does not mind leftovers. He never complains about that kind of stuff. We always have leftovers; I rarely just make one meal. But some people have their thing, that they can’t have the same thing. Did you know, there’s actually research on the fact that people who eat the same thing every day, like same breakfast, same lunch, they are actually better at staying on track to their goals in terms of weight loss and fitness. That doesn’t mean you can’t, if you don’t. I’m just saying that’s okay. For me, I have very similar breakfast and lunch most days,  but for dinner,  I like to have a little bit of variety. Whatever works for you and helps you stay on track is cool. Meal prep will help you stay on track!



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