#mbf (Muscle Burns Fat) and
#mbfa (Muscle Burns Fat Advanced)

Introducing, Super Trainer Megan Davies newest programs, #mbf Muscle Burns Fat and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced!

#mbf and #mbfa is actually TWO 3-week programs – Muscle Burns Fat + Muscle Burns Fat Advanced – which are designed to be done back-to-back!

The program comes from supertrainer Megan Davies and she created it to get you lean, strong, and healthy, as you ignite your metabolism and burn fat 🔥

You’ll workout every day for 3 weeks with an effective combination of 25-35 minute strength-training + cardio workouts! The goal is get toned, tight, and ready to take on the next 3 weeks of #mbfa, where the intensity goes up a notch, with workouts up to 40 minutes long, to push you harder for an even greater total-body transformation!

Megan keeps the moves simple, so you can let the tempo set your pace and drive your intensity no matter your fitness or experience level. You’ll only need dumbbells and a BOD Rope, the cordless indoor jump rope, to complete #mbf and #mbfa.

What makes #mbf unique?

So many people think cardio + crash diets are the way to lose weight… but we’ve got a better idea! Are you ready to turn your body into a calorie-scorching machine?! Well, that’s what these programs are all about – without spending hours on the treadmill or cutting out carbs forever!

🔥 In both #mbf + #mbfa, the workouts are set to the music beat, so you know exactly the level of intensity you should be sticking to in order to succeed. Push your pace, find your rhythm, and let the music help drive you to burn maximum calories!

🔥 For some moves, you’ll use two dumbbells, and for others you’ll use just one to put your body off-balance. This combination of symmetrical and asymmetrical training will challenge your core and engage more muscles throughout your body.

🔥 Most workouts utilize the BRAND NEW BOD Rope, a Cordless Indoor Jump Rope, with weighted handles to help you focus on your speed and effort, while reducing the chance of tripping.

Remember: Muscle. Burns. Fat. Go harder, go faster, and watch the pounds drop.

Who is Megan Davies?

Wherever you are in your fitness journey, Megan will meet you there. She’s an experienced personal trainer whose simple workout style and motivating, upbeat personality will help turn your health and fitness goals into reality, one step at a time.

She’s spent years training clients and expanding her skills, earning certifications from NSCA and CPTS, and opening her own gym.

After winning the Beachbody fitness reality show, THE 20s, Megan created Clean Week, a program that helps you create healthy fitness and nutrition habits in just 7 days.

With #mbf and #mbfa, Megan will keep you focused and committed.

“We’re going through this together. You’ll push. You’ll work. You’ll fight. And you know what? I know you can reach your goals.”

Muscle. Burns. Fat. This simple yet incredibly effective philosophy is what #mbf and #mbfa are all about.

#mbf is perfect for…

💪 Anyone who wants to see real progress in a short amount of time! #mbf is 3 weeks of daily workouts that will help build muscle, burn fat, and get you lean, toned, and feeling AMAZING! Great music drives every workout to make sure you’re getting the most out of these 3 weeks. The goal is to get you ready to roll right into 3 weeks of #mbfa for even greater results.

💪 Anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy, and create better eating habits. This program is the TOTAL solution – fitness + nutrition. You’ve got your daily workouts, plus access to BOTH of our premium nutrition programs.

💪 Anyone who wants a program that’s easy to start and fun to do! #mbf is perfect for beginners, and anyone who wants to get strong while they lose weight. Megan’s positive attitude and motivational style keeps the workouts fun, engaging, and fast.

Offers go on sale and #mbf VIP Early Access begins for everyone July 27th. These programs will enter the Beachbody On Demand Member Library this winter.

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What Kinds of Workouts Are in #mbf and #mbfa?

Strength training happens on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and includes asymmetrical moves where you’ll use one weight instead of two. Cardio workouts are Tuesday and Thursday.

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells, and the BOD Rope, the Cordless Indoor Jump Rope. Saturday workouts also feature EMOMs (every minute on the minute) that will push you to give everything you’ve got.

And don’t worry — this isn’t about bulking up. Megan designed these workouts to get you lean and toned for your strongest body ever.

Here’s how:

“I’m including asymmetrical training along with symmetrical training for a reason. When you’re lifting one weight, your body is forced to compensate for the imbalance, which engages your core,” says Megan. “By challenging your body, you’ll burn more calories and get the most out of each workout.”

For the cardio workouts, the emphasis is on fat-burning, so get ready to work. You’ll do AMRAPs (as many rounds as possible) that incorporate the BOD Rope.

Sunday recovery workouts will stretch and revitalize your muscles so you’re rested and ready for Monday.

“Your body will need it!” says Megan.

“Progress isn’t always pretty, so get ready to be drenched in sweat and working hard to give me everything, every move. If at the end of three weeks you don’t feel ready to step up to #mbfa, do #mbf again all the way through, and then take on #mbfa,” she adds.

What can I expect?

#mbf Muscle Burns Fat is a beginner program that features simple, easy-to-follow moves and 25- to 35-minute workouts.

You’ll have fun and work hard, with Megan and the cast giving you all the encouragement you need to get you across the finish line.

#mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced is an intermediate program with longer 25- to 40-minute workouts that build on the moves you learned in #mbf and includes Megan Minutes, which are 1-minute challenges using heavy weights and low-rep burnouts.

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