A Day In The Life of 80 Day Obsession

A Day In The Life of 80 Day Obsession

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Here’s a quick background about me. I’m a wife and mom to three awesome kids. And I’m unapologtic about my fitness and nutritional goals. I’m a Superstar Diamond Beachbody Coach and  love my Team Phoenix tribe. I’m a leader, a mentor and love living life on purpose and with passion. Earlier this year, I was selected out of thousands of coaches to be part of the exclusive coach test group for 80 Day Obsession. This program is getting ready to launch on 1/15/18 and I wanted to give you a bird’s eye view of what a day in the life of 80 Day Obsession looks like.

80 Day Obsession features 80 different workouts and a timed nutrition plan. Being part of the test group was one of the best things that  happened to me in 2017. Here’s a sampling of my day.

A bit more about the timed nutrition and 80 Day Obsession. With this program, the nutrition component is timed to help maximize the way your body responds before, during and after your workout.  I won’t spell it out in full detail here, since it’s part of the program. If you’re interested in learning more about this program or the other awesome Beachbody programs, email me at Meghan@meghaneggleston.com and I’ll get you set up.

4:45 am: My alarm goes off and I hit the day running. I eat my pre workout meal (usually a smoothie) and work through my Miracle Morning routine. Doing the Miracle Morning sets my entire day up for success. You can grab the Miracle Morning book via Amazon here. 



6:00 am: Work out time!

7:30 am: Time for meal #1. For the nutrition program of 80 Day Obsession I followed the vegan plan. One of my favorite breakfasts is tofu scramble with a heaping amount of spinach, a pinch of Himalayan salt and turmeric. I also have 1/2 of an Ezekiel Muffin with almond butter. Not only is this delicious, but sticks with me!


8 :00 am: My mom game is strong. Kids head off the the bus, I walk my dog and settle in for the day. No two days are the same for me, there are days where I need to run errands and days where I work on my business in the morning. I like to take photos of my progress in the morning, the light is just so great!


11:00 am: Here’s the secret sauce. Bring your food and snacks with you. I couldn’t find my lunch box, so I borrowed one from my son.


12:00 pm : One of the best things about being part of the Beachbody Family is that I get to do life and business on my terms. I don’t have to choose between work and my kids. I can do both. And today, my daughter is Star Student…. I get to share her lunch celebration with her.


1:30 pm: Water water water. It’s so important to hydrate! One of my favorite combinations is lemon, cucumber and mint! I aim to get 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water consumed everyday.

2:00 pm: My afternoons are spent working on the business side of  Beachbody. I connect with my team members, follow up with new clients, check in on my challengers and work on social media. Social media is part of being really visible. I don’t love to do it when the kids are around. I’ve had people reach out to me via my inbox and tell me that I’ve inspired or motivated them to take the steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I try not to think about the number of followers I have, but instead focus on changing people’s lives one conversation at a time.

3:00 pm: My kids are on their way home from school.  When they get here, we’ll do the mom-kid thing… homework, after school snack and playing together.  From here on out it’s dinner, family time and bed time.

9:00 pm: The kids are in bed and I’m back! I lead team calls in the evenings because it works for my family and the lives of the coaches on my team. It also is great because 9:00 pm EST is 5:00 pm PST which means most people who want to catch my calls can (and for those who can’t , I record them and upload them to YouTube).

After the team call is over, I get ready for bed. I KNOW that I need good rest. Tomorrow will be similar version of today, with a different workout !

Here’s more about my first round of 80 Day Obsession.

If you’d like to see more of my days, Instagram Stories is a GREAT place to find me. Click here to follow me. 

If you’d like MORE information about 80 Day Obsession, email me at Meghan@meghaneggleston.com or complete this form: https://goo.gl/forms/n9YsGirtxYcGUz8p1


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