The Challenge of Building a Business

The Challenge of Building a Business

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The Challenge of Building a Business

Building a Business | Meghan Eggleston | Beachbody Coach

The Entrepreneur Life

I didn’t choose the entrepreneur life, the entrepreneur life chose me.

That’s funny, right?

I’m serious, though.

I didn’t sign up for this. I say that in the most sincere way. And you know, sometimes I actually say that in a discouraged tone. Just being real. It ain’t all sunshine and butterflies. It kicks my tail many days.

Three and a half years ago, all I wanted was to help a few of my friends find confidence in themselves again. To feel comfortable going to the beach with their kids that summer. I was blessed to be home with the kids and this was a great way for me to provide value outside the home. I actually scoffed at the idea of treating this as a legit business opportunity. After all, I had degrees, certifications and a crap-ton of loans to show for all that education. I was going eventually to go back to work like an educated woman does, thank you very much. I’m no bold, charismatic, larger than life personality that can charm the socks off of people. And that’s what I assumed was required to do anything like this well.

People Before Performance

Sales was a dirty word to me. BUT what I did commit to was helping as many people as possible. I turned my nose up at anything that resembled a sales quota. Don’t tell me what to do. I want to help people on my terms. So that’s all I did. I gave myself a target number of people I wanted to serve each month. I gave myself a standard of excellence that was realistic for ME. And THAT was my non-negotiable. It had nothing to do with “building a business” or “life by design” or “dreaming big.” Those little phrases seemed trite to me and honestly…a little annoying. So here I sit, in a coffee shop next to my kids’ school. With heart and fire to be a steward of the huge business God has helped me grow over the past 3 1/2 years—most of that time from my kitchen table in the little cracks of the day I could find as a mom with little ones at home.

I think I excelled because I committed to people before performance.

That commitment is what grew me an incredible team, an income 7-8X my salary as an academic advisor, the highest rank in Beachbody and a top 100 coach 3 years in a row. You see, I think too many people start with too many expectations. I think I excelled because I committed to people before performance. Too many are paralyzed by fear of failure at this…but how can you fail at serving people?

Putting It In God’s Hands

I didn’t sign up for this. But God knew better. And sometimes I want to hand it back to Him because I don’t feel equipped. I don’t feel worthy certain days. I run the gamut of emotions even in a days’ time! Lord, how can *I* be an entrepreneur, a business owner, a CEO, a boss, an influencer, a blogger, a LEADER?? Only because HE chose it for me. Never would I willingly endure the growth that it took to get to this place. And only by His grace will I grow more…will I be able to serve one person more than I already have. I put my faith in Him each day to provide that capacity, because it would be easy for to assume I’ve peaked. Heh.

This is a little raw and long and I might even regret sharing what might be perceived as lack of confidence or doubt. Because, who knows, you might lose confidence in working with this ‘hot mess’. Or think being a coach yourself seems more intimidating NOW than it did before I shared this post. That’s ok. I know God will continue to use me if I trust Him and the right people will connect with me for their good and His.

Hard Work Pays Off

I think it’s important to be transparent that it’s NOT always easy and sparkly. It’s hard-freaking work! But it has it been the most incredible ride. I have no problem working hard to help people and getting over myself and any perceived rejection or judgment to reach people. The relationships, the life-change, the personal growth, the purpose, the hope, the peace… I can’t even put into words all the fulfillment that trumps any and all trials. I actually feel sad for people who don’t take/choose/get a chance to endure the bumpy journey.

I apologize for the lengthy post—I just had to dump what was on my heart this morning! I gotta jet and go love on some challengers and coaches today!

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