How to Build a Thriving Coaching Business Without a Single Cold Call

How to Build a Thriving Coaching Business Without a Single Cold Call

Posted on June 7, 2016 by

Let me just be clear…I don’t intend to imply that cold calling, messaging, inviting is BAD or that you should never do it. However, it’s something I’ve never felt the need to do. When I began my Beachbody business I was terrified of ever being perceived as a salesperson. I had my own negative connotations around multi­level marketing business and direct sales. I was really just uniformed. Maybe you didn’t come into your coaching business with that same hang­up to get over. Bonus for you! It took me months, lol. Obviously, I got over it and realized that you don’t have to be obnoxious to influence people to purchase products. And you don’t have to use “sales­y” language to make that purchase happen.

I have coaches on my team who are very comfortable and skilled with “cold” invitations. They do it in a tasteful, respectful way that I am very impressed by actually! But let me tell you my secret to never putting yourself in a position to make that “cold” approach.

Always have a warm market, a hot market and blazing market.

Boom. You’re welcome. See you at the top.

Ok, ok….what does that mean? What does that look like? And how do I do it? Great questions! 😉

From the beginning, I decided that I would engage with people so consistently, provide so much value, invest intentionally in their lives that I NEVER had to suggest a program, the business opportunity or a challenge group to someone who didn’t already identify a need for something like that. Sure, sometimes they didn’t know that they had a need until I shared with them the details. What I could feel was PRIDE in being able to offer a possible solution for their current challenges/struggles/needs, etc. Even if they told me “no thank you” I didn’t feel ‘icky’ in pushing anything on them. And the beauty of those “no’s” that I received is that NOW they are extra warm because they now know I’m the person to go to when they are ready for that and I’m now on their radar. If there is something I’ve learned in the 3 years I’ve been a coach is that ‘no’ really ends up meaning ‘not right now.’

So my goal has been to ALWAYS have a warm market! And to keep it as warm as possible by spending time in engagement with people so we were closer a place that offering something just made sense. It never feels like selling when you truly feel like you are sharing something that could be life­-changing.

For example, if someone said to me “I really need piano for my son who just started lessons” I would have no problem letting them know that I have a piano in my garage that I’ve been trying to find a good home for and I’d be able to offer it to them at a fantastic value. I wouldn’t walk around asking people who’ve never expressed a need for a piano and asking if they want to buy it off me. But I’d be thrilled to offer that great deal to someone who had a true need.

Here’s the challenge:

Coaches often don’t commit to day-­to­-day minimal time required to invest in people’s lives to learn what their challenges and struggles are. And then find themselves feeling the need to sell to people. If you find yourself in that boat, consider what you’ve been doing to provide true value on a consistent basis. How do you keep a warm market at all times:

1. Consistency

Show up daily. Don’t just act like you care some days of the week and then go MIA other times. Regularly express that you have something worth joining or purchasing. Leave no question that you have something valuable to offer. Nothing cools your market faster than sporadic effort.

2. Share Value!

On social media, in personal conversations, free groups, emails, text messages, any other way you can!! This doesn’t have to be related to your business offerings. This is any way that you are able to be a light to people!

3. Be an Example of What You Are Trying to Promote

As coaches, that means “be a product of the product.”

The coach “power hour” is what this looks like day to day. As a coach on my team, you learn exactly what this is and what it looks like each day. You have all the resources to keep a warm market in as little as an hour a day.

Sure, if you have more time to invest in people, you can create a warmer and larger market.

Over time you become more skilled and warming up your market faster and getting to a place where that invitation makes a ton of sense sooner than later.

As a new coach, you already have a warm market. So your goal is to warm them up more! Take time providing value, conversation, advice, support WHILE growing your network using the training from your new coach training. Often times, new coaches find success with their warm market only to fizzle in a few months because they neglect to grow their network and invest time and love on people.

Remember, JUST because you have a warm market doesn’t mean people come to you with cash in hand. You still have to ASK. Though, through mentorship and experience you can come to a place where you have a “blazing” market that does just come to you. But let me tell you, that is RARE. You have to extend the personal invitation to them to take the leap and invest in THEMSELVES.

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