FREE Arms & Abs Challenge with 10-Day Clean Eating Menu

FREE Arms & Abs Challenge with 10-Day Clean Eating Menu

Posted on February 20, 2017 by

Welp, the time has come that I have to have surgery on my ankle that has been causing my problems for a few years.  And since that surgery is scheduled 8 days from now it coincides with my date I’d already scheduled my traditional 5-day clean eating challenge.

So why not make it a 10 day Arms & Abs Challenge so that *I* can have accountability and encouragement to do whatever activity I can while I’m unable to bear weight on my ankle for 3 weeks??!! 

This is coming right off of my 3 week Ultimate Reset cleanse in which I couldn’t do any activity so, yeah, 6 weeks of not doing my regular (and fairly intense) workout schedule will be TOUGH for me. 

But, yay, my fitness community is always there for me to help ME stay accountable so I’m excited to offer this TO my fit tribe (but really, FOR me). 

Am I ashamed? Only slightly 😉

So, here’s the deal:

10 days of clean eating meal plans and recipes with shopping lists….DOUBLE the fun of my typical free groups PLUS a 10 day workout schedule focusing on body-weight only upper body and core sculpting! See…I’m not so selfish after all 😉

Participants in my 5 day groups lose on average 3-4 lbs in just 5 days…let’s see what we can do with 10 days!!

First time challengers, simply complete this form & comment below “I’m in!”

Previous challengers, complete the form and tag 3 friends new to my groups.👩🏼👱🏽‍👩🏽

I am also offering a gift to anyone who invites a “new to clean eating” friend who COMPLETES the group with them! 

Challengers have have more fun & acheive better results when they complete the challenge with friends so the more the merrier!☺️

Please fill out the form:

Looking forward to 10 days of accountability to work on my tank top arms & core!!

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