Team Phoenix

Team Phoenix

Interested in Joining Team Phoenix?

Hi! I’m Meghan Eggleston and I’d love to chat more with you about becoming a Team Beachbody coach on Team Phoenix! There is NO pressure and I will be 100% candid with you about how it all works. My goal is to give you the info you need to make an informed decision and then to mentor you to find the success you are looking for if you decide it’s a great fit!

Team Phoenix is a FAMILY, we work TOGETHER, we all thrive from each others’ strengths! We are PASSIONATE about PEOPLE. Coaching has CHANGED me from the inside out. I was the BIGGEST skeptic about coaching and ignored the opportunity for a full 12 months… but ultimately, went from super-shy, low confidence, anxiety and depression to helping change many, many lives and seeing my own true value. My mission and the culture of our team is to empower others to live the best version of themselves, too. All around.

Whether you have a goal to just pay for your Shakeology, earn a part-time income or 6-figures, we will set you up on your individual path! You get out the effort you put in. Success begins with the HEART. Team Phoenix is about EMPOWERING people. You must be ready to put in a minimal amount of time and effort to reach people to succeed, but… I promise you, the possibilities are endless.

You don’t need to sell products to make money. All you need to do is share the programs that got/are getting YOU fit and back in control of your life! I know it sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not.

What can you expect from our team? A TON of support, friendships, personal development, and growth in your business. Our team is in the TOP 0.1% of the entire network and we have all the tools and resource you need to be successful. What we do on Team Phoenix WORKS. You’ll have support and training every step of the way!

Enter your contact information below, I will reach out to you personally to share more details and even get you set up with a one-on-one call with me if you’d like so that we can discuss your goals and make sure this is the right environment to get you where you want to be! Are you ready to change your life and the lives of countless others?


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