Lives Changed

Lives Changed

“Working with Meghan has been nothing short of amazing!! From checking in with me during my pregnancy to learning how to run challenge groups and grow my business, she is a person who leads from her heart. Blessed to call her my coach and friend.”

~Katie A

“Working with Meghan as a coach, and a mentor, has been amazing. She is ALWAYS there to support, motivate, anyway she can, and also there to give me that “tough love” I need to hear sometimes! I couldn’t have asked to for a better coach, leader, or friend.”

~Lindsay M.

“What can I say about working with Meghan?! She has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. From the moment I got my first set of Beachbody DVDs, she was there for me. I never felt pressured to go faster then I was capable of at that time. She was patient and waited for me to be ready to truly get started. As soon as I gave her the green light, we were off. Her groups have been so invaluable to my success. I’ve joined every single one, and because of that and her support…I was able to drop 36lbs and 32 inches in about 5 months!!! Keep in mind, I was never deprived. She just taught me how to not only love myself, and know I’m worth it, but how to eat right and still enjoy foods I love. I still have a ways to go, and I know she’ll be right by my side, cheering me on and supporting me through thick and thin. Thank you Meghan from the bottom of my heart!!!”

~Michelle Boyce

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