Success While Staying True to Values

I’m a proud mom of Bowman, Grady and Moriah and a happily married wife to Niles. We have finally settled our family just west of Richmond, VA after moving for my husband’s job opportunities in Florida, West Virginia & New York.

The struggles and challenges I’ve had with confidence, body image and self-worth during my formative years have made me passionate about what I do. What I’ve been able to overcome in the recent past is what drives me to show up each day and lock arms with people who think their goals are out of reach or don’t even dream BIG enough to know what they are capable of. I know the heaviness of failure, the plague of perfectionism, the disease of negative self-speak, the self-destructive eating behaviors and the shame of anxiety & depression. I’ve broken through so much of what I just assumed were innate character flaws, and I feel compelled, if not obligated to help other women feel empowered to break through their own. I truly believe ANYONE can achieve amazing fitness results and/or insane success and a life of true happiness & fulfillment.

My faith and family come first in my life, but I’m passionate about being a good steward of the earthly body my Creator entrusted me while helping others experience that as well. I’m an ACE-certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. But my career focus is online fitness coaching and business mentorship. I’m currently a 5X Elite & Superstar Diamond Beachbody Coach due to my dedication to helping my team be successful with THEIR Beachbody businesses.

I want my team members to have the opportunity to live fuller lives with a real purpose to be on a fit and healthy journey, and be the cheerleader to their friends and families. Changing lives and believing in others is what we do best.

My interest in fitness began in college. I was a competitive dancer throughout childhood and continued to dance in college. While on the dance team at my university, I was told my body wasn’t suitable for the uniform and I’d have to sit out until it was. This wrecked me, as I was already insecure and self-conscious about my body. This led to some self-destructive behaviors and also started me on an intentional fitness routine for the first time ever. I was able to see some results with overtraining and undereating. Those results were fleeting. I continued to mistreat my body as I finished my undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and my graduate degree in Sports Management.

Exercise became an outlet that made me feel empowered. Though still struggling with self-esteem, I enjoyed how getting stronger and fitter made me feel INSIDE. I became certified to train and teach group fitness after college and enjoyed that side work while working full-time as an academic advisor at a university and then as a stay-at-home mom when I started a family. I began to become truly empowered through fitness and loved sharing that joy with others.

After the birth of my 3rd baby, I struggled. I had experienced depression and anxiety during and after her birth. I’d gained considerably more weight with that pregnancy than I had with the previous 2 children. Part of that was due to the emotional struggle of moving to a new city with 2 young children and now social network. In addition to that my pregnancies were high risk and out of my previous 4 pregnancies, 2 were miscarriages and 2 were preterm. I was blessed with a beautiful, healthy little girl at 38 weeks! But I couldn’t understand why I was so heavy with what I later understood to be postpartum depression. My eating was getting to a point that and I knew I had to do something about it. I knew my body needed much better nutrition to support a nursing baby and energy to keep up with 2 young boys. I resisted Shakeology because I never believed in shakes… I believed in “real food” and really just liked to EAT real food! However, after researching and learning that there were ,in fact, whole foods, nothing artificial and many superfoods and digestive enzymes I was supplementing with already I gave it a shot, joined with the “discount coach” option.

After one year of stalking other coaches and getting over my snobbery of what I THOUGHT all multilevel marketing was, I began the hobby of coaching to find social connection and fulfillment outside of my house and home. It did wonders for my mommy sanity and gave me a community of amazing women, priceless friendships and a lucrative career I never dreamed of. Within a year and a half, I surpassed the full-time income I was making as an academic advisor and knew that I’d never need to return to work, but could have the best of both worlds: a purpose and passion that paid me and fulfilled me as well as the ability to be at home with my children with the flexibility to choose what my days look like. But even more than that, the person that I have become while allowing God to work in my heart and my head to grow into a leader and be free from the chains of anxiety. The best part? That I get to SHARE that gift with other women like me.

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