5 Signs You Might Need to Detox

5 Signs You Might Need to Detox

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Do You Need to Detox?


New Year, New Goals

With the new year looming on the horizon, it’s time to reassess our health goals and plan for the next 12 months. For some, it means time to change it all in one fell-swoop: begin an exercise plan, clean up their diets, and kick-start their healthy lifestyle. Others may decide to tackle one piece of the puzzle at a time and slowly work their way up to a new way of living. Still others might choose to start with a clean slate and embark on a detox or cleanse.

No matter what your health goals are for the new year, the idea of doing a detox or cleanse may seem like the perfect way to ramp up the effectiveness of your plans: out with the old, in with the new. But how do you know if you truly should cleanse, or if a simple change in diet habits is all you need?

5 Signs You Should Detox

It is always best practice to listen to our bodies for hints about our health. When considering whether or not a detox or cleanse program is right for you, consider whether or not your body is showing the following signs:

  • Fatigue. If you’re terminally exhausted — and by that I mean getting more than enough adequate hours of solid sleep and still feeling tired — then it may be time for you to take a look at what you’re eating.
  • Excess belly fat/difficulty losing weight. Toxins like to collect in the fat around our midsections. They love the tissue and fat in the belly area. If you find that you have gained extra weight around your belly and can’t get it to go away even with proper diet and exercise, then it could be time to detox your system.
  • Bloating. This ties in a bit with excess belly fat and having a difficult time losing weight. If your diet isn’t always the healthiest, then you may experience a bit of bloating. Generally in the belly area, bloating can occur from a buildup of toxins — and it doesn’t matter if you’ve changed to a healthy diet recently. Toxins pack on over time, so any “old” toxins that you haven’t been able to get rid of will stick around if they haven’t been cleansed. Certain foods — such as grains and some animal proteins — are harder for our bodies to digest. It takes longer and uses more energy. You can’t absorb minerals and nutrients from vegetables if your system is too exhausted. Cleansing your system of these toxins gives it time to recuperate, rest, and come back better able to get the things out of food that are necessary for you to function properly.
  • Cravings. Sometimes, cravings are a good thing. Your body craves water when it becomes dehydrated and signals to you that it’s time to take in fluids. Cravings can also be hormonal and emotional (PMS, anyone?). However, cravings can also be a sign that you need to detox. If you find yourself craving sugar constantly — and for seemingly no reason at all — it’s probably a good indication that it’s time to flush your system.
  • Mood swings/depression. Nutrition plays a huge role in how we feel, both physically and mentally. A poor diet and buildup of toxins can make us irritable, angry, sad, and unpredictable. Now, doing a cleanse or detox will NOT “fix” any type of long-standing mental illness: detoxing is not going to magically cure depression, but unhealthy eating habits and toxin buildup can influence emotions.

If you answered “yes” to one or move of the  above symptoms, then it may be time to consider detoxifying your system.

And you’re in luck, because I’m about to kick off a three day New Year’s detox, starting January 3rd.

I’ve decided to host a 3 day gentle cleanse to kick-start the New Year. It’s a plant-based detox that will scrub out all of the over indulgences that are sure to come in the next week or so.

3 Day Detox | Shakeology | Meghan Eggleston

Sign up below if you would like me to get you more information! We start the 3rd and you’d have the option to hop into a 30 day group that is being run through a challenge group tracking app! The cool part is that group is part of the January Beachbody Health Bet!

Basically, if you log 3 workouts and you use your Shakeology 5 days per week, you win part of a large pool of money (up to $3M!!). Is that motivation or what?

Send me your email address using the form below and I’ll send you information about how to sign up for the 3 Day New Years Detox!


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5 signs you might need to detox


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