21 Day Tone Up begins October 17th

21 Day Tone Up begins October 17th

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Ready to focus on toning up this fall WHILE enjoying flexible eating?

Join us for 21-Days of coaching and accountability in a private focused online support group (for women) for an opportunity to BURN FAT and SCULPT MUSCLE starting October 17th!




We begin full prep-week starting on the 10th!

We’re focusing on 30-45 minute workouts, simple nutrition, how to enjoy treats while still seeing results and how to keep it up during times of travel and festive fall occasions & gatherings.

You’ll receive meal plans PLUS my new 45-page meal planner created exclusively for my challengers. It includes 100+ recipes but shopping lists, clean eating pantry inventory list an much more There are many programs to choose from but we will select the best one for YOUR goals, lifestyle and fitness level.


Check out Megan P.'s results!


You’ll receive:

☑ Workout program DVDs
☑ Detailed workout schedule
☑ Color-coded portion control system
☑ Nutrition guide and recipes
☑ 30-day supply of meal replacement/protein/vitamin superfood shake, Shakeology
☑ 30-day free trial of personalized meal planning
☑ Free coaching by ME, a certified personal trainer 😉
☑ 45- day meal planner from to get you started before your program arrives and the challenge begins plus support you beyond the challenge group
☑ Accountability & Support group
☑ Free lifetime membership into teambeachbody.com
☑ Free extra bonus workout

I’ll provide you sample meal plans BUT you will have flexibility and freedom to choose your meals using the nutrition guide and recipes that come with the program. You’ll replace one meal with the super-food nutrition shake, Shakeology. I’ll provide daily coaching, motivation and support and of course, there’s a PRIZE drawing at the end for those who participate.

Best part….RESULTS or your money back!!

APPLY HERE to be considered!



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