Week 3 | Ultimate Reset Final Recap!

Week 3 | Ultimate Reset Final Recap!

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Beachbody Ultimate Reset | 21 Day Cleanse | Meghan Eggleston


Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week Three: Restore

The 21 Day Ultimate Reset is not like any other diet or meal plan, and approaching it like a regular diet is dangerous. I actually only lost about a pound, even though at one point I was down three pounds. But now that I’m at the end of the detox, I can finally work out again. I couldn’t work out during the detox because my body was using so much energy to heal and restore systems that are broken. You really have to conserve that energy so that your body can do the work it needs to do during the detox.

I talked to someone from my fitness class the other day about how she couldn’t do anything as extreme as a detox because of the “restriction.” But the Beachbody Ultimate Reset is not about restriction or deprivation. It’s about eating a certain way to heal your body and return it to optimal functioning. You actually eat a lot on the detox! But your mindset is important. You can’t approach it from the mindset of “I’m going to lose weight,” because that’s dangerous and you won’t have as positive a process when you have that kind of mindset. You have to embrace the idea that you are healing your body.

What the detox does really is remove the barriers to success in your fitness program. Think of the detox as a “factory reset.” We all have toxins in our body because of the air we breathe and the environment we life in, so the Beachbody Ultimate Reset gets your body back to “factory settings” so that you can get back into your fitness program and see quicker results. You get quicker results because you’ve primed your body to be successful. We have the ability to detox naturally but to varying degrees. I’ve talked about my gene mutation before, the MTHFR gene mutation, and that makes it harder for my body to detox naturally. We all have some kind of limitation, no matter what it is.

If you’re one of those people that works hard but struggles to get good results, or you see a little bit of success before dropping off to nothing, that is probably a sign that something isn’t right hormonally. Toxins clog up the pathways of your body, and prevents your body from doing what it needs to do. So, with the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, you are resetting your system, getting rid of those toxins,  and opening up those pathways so that your hard work will pay off. After that, you can go back to a more regular meal plan.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset isn’t just an elimination diet. The detox is based in science, and timing is everything. The menus benefit you, for sure, but the timing system matters: having a meal in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, with an optional snack. This timing allows your  body to truly digest and heal between meals. Again, it’s about mindset. It’s not about eating or calories or restriction. It’s about giving your body the time it needs to heal.  I can tell that my body is healing. I have more of a glow, and my skin looks great, according to my facialist! She wanted to know what I was doing for my skin to look this good. That’s a good sign that the toxins are being purged from my body.

The detox is not about eating but the food you do eat does matter! In the first week of the detox, I was weaning off animal proteins so that by the 2nd week, there were no animal proteins at all in my meals. Animal proteins are very taxing on the digestive system. When you remove animal proteins, you are giving your digestive system a break, and giving it space to heal. Even if you normally eat healthy food, when your gut is jacked up, your body can’t absorb the nutrients and minerals you need from your food. So, you make it easier for your body to heal when you take out the stuff that is hard to digest, and the supplements, with the enzymes, helps your body along in the process.

On the detox, most of the breakfasts are a big plate of fruit, but you never eat this fruit with other meals because fruit is best consumed by itself. Have you ever noticed that fruit can give you gas? That happens when you eat fruit with other things, it ferments and that causes the gas. So, like I said, even though this is not about eating, it is about food and it’s also about timing–eating certain foods at certain times so that your body can properly digest and heal.

So now, in week 3, the end of the detox, I have so much energy and I’m not having the cravings I was having during week 1. My skin looks better, and so does my hair. The detox can be emotional, too and for a couple of weeks, I was feeling the emotional detox, like I was really all over the place with my emotions. I feel more emotionally stable at this point. I am steady and focused, and I feel like I’m supposed to feel, or what normal should feel like, for me.

When Beachbody Ultimate Reset ends, your work is not done. So what’s next?  You’ll get a plan to ease you back into the foods that you weren’t eating during the detox. You will be able to see what you are sensitive to, after not having it for awhile. Like, you might notice after eating a whole grain sandwich that you feel more bloated. That’s a sign that you’re sensitive to gluten. Or you might find that dairy is a trigger. Whatever it is, you start to notice what kind of foods can make you feel a certain way.

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset gives you time to think about your food, and helps you be more mindful and aware of why you do things or why your body reacts a certain way to certain foods. The detox also helps you repair your relationship with food. It is easy to fall into a dysfunctional relationship with food, and it can be really taxing on your system. The detox allows you to heal from that, and refocus on what makes your body and mind feel good.  It’s really liberating to feel like you have control over how you feel, physically and emotionally.

And check out my transformation photo. You can see a noticeable difference, but more importantly, I feel great!


I did a Facebook Live last week, recapping the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, which you can watch here: https://www.facebook.com/MeghanBEggleston/videos/1000954323371986/



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