Processes vs Goals

Processes vs Goals

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Hey everyone! This is a topic that you may have been hearing me talk about a lot lately. I just had a couple things click for me recently and really just wanted to talk to you about the focus of Process vs. Goals.

Many of you know, that’s kind of my mantra these days. We really need to get committed to the process, to who you become on the way toward a goal or a journey. Those of you who work with me in fitness groups know that we don’t just talk about the weight loss we want to see, or the inch loss you want to see. We’re really focused on what needs to change in ME to make this a lasting lifestyle forever. Success in business is found in the journey. The process of connecting with people, understanding people and their goals, and knowing them, and connecting with them. Too often we get caught up in the end goals and don’t remember to enjoy the process and the journey of how we got there, and so much ends up getting lost along the way.

The other day, I was working hard in my office, doing my thing, connecting with people who have expressed an interest in Beachbody, and I received a call. I looked at the caller ID and it said Carl Daikeler, and I assumed it was just a recording. But when I answered, I realized it was actually him and I got so flustered because I didn’t expect the CEO of Beachbody to be calling me. But he wanted me to know that he had seen my efforts, and my team’s efforts, and he wanted to thank us for helping to change lives and maximizing the Beachbody Health Bet. Now, you all know that I don’t do what I do for the recognition. But the acknowledgment from Carl really validated everything that I’m doing and that I love about this company.

Some of the ads or results or transformation photos that you see of people with really great weight loss goals – those are just snapshots of a larger picture. It is really about a lifestyle change. Challenge groups really help us to celebrate the process and figure out what works. It’s not about winning prizes or losing a ton of weight in a short amount of days. It’s about measuring the journey and the process, and experiencing the daily reward for putting the time in with workouts and establishing habits in your lifestyle. It’s celebrating the daily process and the daily victories. 


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For those of you have not yet hopped into a challenge, the right time is now. Really, there’s never a “right” time. Life happens every single day. Start your journey toward a lifestyle that you can be proud of and become a part of something bigger and greater.

If you don’t have a coach, reach out to me. If you do have a coach, reach out to them. Get in on an one of these fitness accountability groups.  So, don’t wait, get started today!


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