Is lack of Willpower REALLY your issue?

Is lack of Willpower REALLY your issue?

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Willpower or lack of belief in self?

I had an interesting conversation with one of my coaches the other day, and I wanted to share the biggest takeaways.

First, for those of you attempting to get your fitness on track, trying to get on our fitness journey, your inspiration probably comes from wanting a better lifestyle – a whole lifestyle that is in balance and focuses on taking care of our bodies, right? We talk about lifestyle and health and wellness and how all of those things impact our life.

But it seems that people focus so heavily on their willpower and their level of self-discipline to actually stick to their program.

I think it’s completely unfair to put all of the weight of our success on those two things.

My Theory

I have a theory that I’ve developed based on working with so many people and training new coaches.

My theory is that success comes down to belief more than it comes down to willpower and discipline. It’s not the willpower that helps you commit to the behaviors that bring us success on our fitness journey. Our success comes from whether or not we have a belief that we CAN do it.

First, we have to believe in the system – if someone comes to work with me, they have to believe that the program will work, that it’s worth investing in me as a leader and a coach to get them there.

But, then, they MUST have a belief that THEY can be successful at the program. The inability to commit to behaviors is not a willpower issue and it’s certainly not a lack of willpower. I fully believe that willpower does not make you commit to a program or behavior.

Think about this – there are probably things in your life that you have SHOWN you can commit to;  that you’ve shown discipline and worked hard. So you know you have the capacity to do them. You were able to put forward those efforts because you believed in it. You believed that you would see something at the end of it.

Then there are other things we don’t stick to, and we blame about our inability to follow through on our lack of willpower and discipline. Or we are inconsistent, so we start to slip.

In comes the negative self-talk

We tell ourselves we are lazy and undisciplined. Some of the negative self-speak: What’s wrong with me? Why did I just eat that? I’m so stupid. So lazy, So undisciplined. So busy.

The problem is, when we get to the point of making a decision on doing it or not, we have doubt. It’s very self-conscious, but that doubt impacts our decisions in the moment – whether or not we’ll stick to a routine or make healthy choices. If there’s a lack of belief that we are worth it or we CAN succeed, you might fail.

If you have the belief that you are worth it, that you CAN follow through, you will make it happen.

Tiny consistent behaviors help us build a business. Tiny consistent behaviors help us stick to fitness. Tiny consistent behaviors help us build up our belief in ourselves.

Perhaps the belief in yourself is more important to work on than the willpower.

Personal development is so important.

Grow yourself so you can believe in yourself

I have had times when I didn’t believe in myself. Throughout my life, I’ve given up on different dreams or goals because of a lack of belief. I often found myself sabotaging the things I needed to do because I didn’t believe in myself. But I have learned through therapy and self-work to see my own limiting beliefs and conquer them.

Now I believe in myself as a leader.  I know I can build, grow, and nurture my team. You have to have a belief in yourself. Until you really believe in yourself that you are worth following you until you believe in your ability as a leader, you’re not going to be consistent and you’re not going to have the type of success you could have.

So back to exercise. You committed to a program knowing that the system worked, but you’re not following through because your mindset needs work.

Unless you’re willing to work on yourself and believe that you’re worth it, that you’re worth putting in the time and energy, you won’t show up every day because subconsciously you’re doubting that you’re able to do so.

We’re all a work in progress. This is a journey. Grow through it, work on yourself over time. Remember that ability is IN you. You just have to work on the mindset and believe it.

What are the things you have put time and effort in over the course of your life?

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