Upcoming Challenge Groups

Upcoming Challenge Groups

Smoothies, Salads & Squats: A 7 Day Group Challenge- April 24th

Beachbody | Team Phoenix | Meghan Eggleston

30 Day Rise & Shine Life Transformation Challenge – April 17th

Beachbody | Team Phoenix | Meghan Eggleston

Bring On Spring Bootcamp – April 3rd

Beachbody | Bootcamp | Meghan Eggleston

5 Day Challenge Wake Up To Your Best Self – March 27thFive Day Challenge | Beachbody | Meghan Eggleston

30 Day Moms First in March – March 20th

Arms and Abs Challenge 

Love Your Body 30-Day Challenge


I want to focus on SELF-LOVE during this 30 day fitness challenge. 😍 Sure, we are going to focus on developing the habits and routine that set you up for success with your fitness, health and life balance BUT also dedicating focus to appreciating the body we have while working towards the one you want. 💖

Health Bet – 30 Days of Focused Fitness

Health Bet - 30 Days of Focused Fitness


A rare opportunity to win cash for getting fit! Anybody need a do-over? A fresh start? Or just a good kick in the pants? Ready to rock your health and fitness goals AND win some money at the same time?!

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