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My new obsession: CORE DE FORCE Have you been waiting for that ADDICTIVE workout program that you actually look forward to doing? Beachbody is releasing a BRAND NEW fitness program on October 31st 2016 to the network!  CORE DE FORCE is designed to reshape your body through a combination of MMA-inspired workouts, body-weight training, and explosive cardio…. Read more »

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Is lack of Willpower REALLY your issue?

Willpower or lack of belief in self? I had an interesting conversation with one of my coaches the other day, and I wanted to share the biggest takeaways. First, for those of you attempting to get your fitness on track, trying to get on our fitness journey, your inspiration probably comes from wanting a better… Read more »

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FREE 2-Week Total Knockout Food & Fitness Challenge

This will be the first time I’ve offered a group of this kind before!! You may be familiar with my fitness challenges, but this is a BRAND NEW format & I’m excited to shake it up the last 2 weeks of October!! The best part–NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!! For 14 days you’ll have clean eating shopping… Read more »

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An Inside Look into Coaching

Who was I to want more? I mean, anyone would have thought I had a pretty charmed life. College degrees, a great husband, 3 healthy children. I’d been a good student. A good kid. Excelled at the things I tried. I felt guilty for lacking fulfillment. 100% blessed by God’s provisions, but ALWAYS knew there… Read more »

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Getting Beyond Social Anxiety as an Introvert

Social anxiety I sometimes experience something I know a lot of people struggle with: the whole battle with social anxiety as an introvert. It may surprise you to know that I’m an introvert. I know I seem so confident and not at all anxious when you see me day to day. Being an introvert doesn’t mean… Read more »

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21 Day Tone Up begins October 17th

Ready to focus on toning up this fall WHILE enjoying flexible eating? Join us for 21-Days of coaching and accountability in a private focused online support group (for women) for an opportunity to BURN FAT and SCULPT MUSCLE starting October 17th!     We begin full prep-week starting on the 10th! We’re focusing on 30-45… Read more »

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3 Strength Training Tips for Women

I often assume that my fitness knowledge is common knowledge, especially when it comes to strength training. However, I keep having conversations with different women and I’ve realized that there are many misconceptions. So I decided it’s time to share my Top 3 Strength Training Tips for Women. Top 3 Strength Training Tips for Women First, you… Read more »

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Free 7-day Crockpot Clean Eating Group

On Monday, September 26th I’m offering a FREE 7-Day Crockpot Clean Eating Challenge   This is a great way to kickstart your journey, bust through a plateau or just take advantage of some support and accountability and tasty new recipes. This is for you if you…  are way too busy to figure it all out… Read more »

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