Team Beachbody is Coming To The U.K.

Team Beachbody is Coming To The U.K.

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In case you haven’t heard, Team Beachbody is going international! Hello U.K! Here we come!

Why is this so exciting? The U.K. launch of Beachbody means that coaches will have an amazing opportunity to offer their tools and support to potential clients around the world and help them get into the best shape of their lives! If you are in the United States or Canada, you can enroll as a coach right away, so you can be ready for the international launch of Beachbody.

What does a Beachbody Coach do?

Coaches help others achieve their health and fitness goals by using Beachbody fitness programs and supplements and enrolling customers in support groups through the Challenge Tracker App for the daily  motivation and support.  As a coach you earn a commission from everything people purchase directly from your site.  With the U.K. launch of Beachbody, the opportunities available to grow an amazing team are boundless because you’ll be getting in on the ground floor.

Here’s a peek into Coaching with Team Phoenix (my team).

How becoming a Beachbody Coach changed my life.

The struggles and challenges I’ve had with confidence, body image and self-worth during my formative years have made me passionate about what I do. What I’ve been able to overcome in the recent past is what drives me to show up each day and lock arms with people who think their goals are out of reach or don’t even dream BIG enough to know what they are capable of. I know the heaviness of failure, the plague of perfectionism, the disease of negative self-speak, the self-destructive eating behaviors and the shame of anxiety & depression. I’ve broken through so much of what I just assumed were innate character flaws, and I feel compelled, if not obligated to help other women feel empowered to break through their own. I truly believe ANYONE can achieve amazing fitness results and/or insane success and a life of true happiness & fulfillment.

I gained 30% of my body weight back during pregnancy. After I had my baby, I was all in. Though I’d been previous opposed to shakes, I’d taken the time to research Shakeology ingredients when someone mentioned it. And discovered that it was different. Real whole fools. Dense nutrition. Ingredients I was already trying to blend in smoothies and in my oatmeal. So I hesitantly have I a try knowing I could return if it wasn’t worth it.

Game over. I was in. I felt more energy and fewer cravings within a week. This was in my diet to stay so I’d might as well get a discount. But coaching was still a NO in my book.

At least for 12 months. A year in is when I couldn’t help but share this product and programs in the context of intimate accountability groups. This transformation has been WAY more than physical.


What you can expect from me as your upline.

My coaching philosophy is all about empowerment. I have a solid base of leaders on my team, and I’ve been able to help my coaches build thriving businesses because I empower them to embrace THEIR value and what they have to offer.  How do I do this?   I help my coaches to be confident–to know that they are stronger than they think. I challenge them to get just uncomfortable enough to see what they are made of. I don’t coddle them but I push them and support them 100%.  As a coach, I lead for long term success and I work hard to develop leadership skills in my coaches, who go on to successfully lead their own team.

Beachbody International | Team Phoenix | Meghan Eggleston

My team has gone through amazing transformations! If you follow me on Facebook, you know that every week, I’m celebrating the successes of my team.

I can’t wait to partner with YOU! BUT—I want to help you to be proactive to be positioned to launch effectively come October.

There are things you can be doing now to prepare:

  1. Start with using Beachbody programs if you haven’t already! Being a product of the product is the BEST way you can authentically inspire people to join you! You can start with a free trial to Beachbody on Demand OR order DVDs through Unfortunately, Shakeology won’t be in the UK until the launch
  2. Browse all of the information in the Team Phoenix International “Coaches In Waiting” group to learn more or watch the video above of a call I did to share what coaching is all about.
  3. Or Click HERE to receive my 5-Day Sneak Peak into Coaching (or both).
  4. Join my FREE 7-Day Smoothies, Salads & Squats group ASAP!! We start Monday! Hosting free, short accountability groups is one of the most effective ways to build your network and share your HEART to HELP! It’s important to me to provide value to others rather than “push products.” I’ve done this every month for over 4 years and it has been the foundation of my business. I had NO idea I was going to actually build a business as a coach….I truly just loved helping people. But these free groups laid a foundation of committed clients and coaches who developed into an amazing team of supportive collaborative people. And to my surprise, it lead to a growing, thriving business providing a full-time income within a year and a half and has continued to grow significantly (Results vary!)
  5. Join the free group (the one listed above)  for your own accountability but ALSO to get familiar with how I do them. BRING friends along. Share this link with them, encourage them, push EACH OTHER, and they might be your first customer or coach in October! If you are intentional about your activity NOW you could have an entire team started on launch day! How amazing would that be??

Once you’ve done a free group with me, I can give you resources to host your own if you want guidance! I’ll hand you over my menus and templates that I’ve created if you’d like so that you can build relationships and establish a fit-minded community before you’re even an official Beachbody Coach!

Beachbody U.K. is going to be a game-changer for coaches. We are literally jumping for joy at this announcement!

Beachbody International | Team Phoenix | Meghan Eggleston

Beachbody just announced the date for the UK Network Launch event: October 21, 2017!  Registration opens up July 31st, and I’ll have more details to come later this month. Details as follows:

  • Thursday, 19 of October 2017 – First Day of UK Sales (Process Orders, enrollments, etc.)
  • Saturday, 21 of October 2017 – Launch Events Day – AM and PM Sessions – Venue: Hilton Park Lane Hotel, London. Times: 9AM, PM TBA.
  • Shaun T will be doing workouts exclusive to U.K. residents before our Business Meetings!
  • Sunday, 22 of October 2017 – Exclusive Team Phoenix LIVE new coach fast track training for coaches that sign up on Team Phoenix from ME, the founder, Superstar Diamond, 3X Elite, Top 50 coach! Time and location TBA. Can’t wait to visit the UK for the first time meet my new teammates.

With the credibility and reputation Beachbody already has in the U.K., the exciting product launches & business opportunity launch in autumn is an EXTREMELY exciting for opportunity to get involved at the ground floor level in a BRAND NEW market. Beachbody has brought countless fitness & life transformations in the US & Canada as well as financial freedom to those passionate coaches who took the coaching opportunity by the reigns and created their own future WHILE helping others on their fitness journey. I’m one of those people!

If you’re really ready to learn NOW, you can email me at and we can discuss enrolling you into my next new coach training the first Monday in August, giving you preliminary access to our team resources, joining our private team Facebook Page as an “honorary member” & attending all our monthly team calls and training right away!

Or you can SCHEDULE A CALL with me! Just be aware of time zone as I’m Eastern Standard but I’m flexible 🙂 This option is for those who want to truly set themselves up for the most effective launch in October.

But remember, there is no right pace to do this. There is no expectation that each coach have the same goals and desires to build the business. Like I said before, I originally joined for a discount on Shakeology and didn’t intend to coach. And when I DID start coaching I thought I would do it more as a hobby. That changed!

Each coach is on their own journey, many are still very much working towards weight loss and fitness goals. That’s the beauty. We can all encourage and inspire RIGHT WHERE WE ARE AT. And success looks different for all of us! It’s my goal as your mentor to help set you up for success based on your goals and what success looks like for YOU.

If you’d like to stay connected and get more familiar with ME plus how I use social media to effectively provide value friend me on Facebook click HERE

I can’t wait to start this new adventure with you!

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